Alleppey City Guide Tour

Climate Of Alleppey :
Summer - 24 o C (min) to 36 o C (max)
Winter - 20 o C (min) to 32 o C (max)
Rainy Season - June to September ( 184.5 mm )
Best Time to Visit - August to February

Location Of Alleppey :
Geographic - It is a town in Kerala state of southern India.
Famous For - In the Alleppey city guide all famous destinations like Parasailing, house boats, Panadavan rocks, historical buildings, canals, lakes, rivers, coir products,

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How to Reach Alleppey City :
By Air - Ernakulum is the nearest airport which is 60 KM from the town
By Road - KSRTC bus connect Alleppey to major cities in Kerala
By Railways - Alleppey railway station is well connected

Alleppey Tourist Attractions :
In the Alleppey city guide, St Andrews church, Shri Nagaraja Temple, Nehru Trophy snake boat race, Alleppey beach, Kumarakom bird sanctuary . Alleppey, has placed itself as the hot tourist destination in the world map. Alleppey tourist places is stuffed with beautiful lakes and splashing rivers and therefore is also known as " Venice of east". Numerous water ways, networks of lagoons and canals are the lifeline of the town. Alleppey is a center for, coir products, black gold and prawn farming. This place is also known for its paddy fields and known as Bowl of rice , and excellent rice wine is the specialty of Alleppey. Natural beauty of this place is another reason that attract tourist to the place and the numerous temples and churches had made this place a religious spot as well. Here are some of the most popular Alleppey tourist attractions destination which are as follows-

St Andrews church :
St Andrews church has very long history and a very good reputation as well. this church was build in 1984 for the use of Scottish officers and their family. Since then it is serving the community. It is a historical building and is also very popular for the pipe organ which was installed in the very bigning of the Church yet it still can play wonderful music.

Shri Nagaraja Temple:
Shri Nagaraja Temple is a very unique temple which is headed by a priestess and is in the patronage of a Brahmin family. This temple, Shri Nagaraja Temple is actually an ancient shrine of serpent God Nagraja, and also is a very important center in Kerala where snake is worshiped. Not only is it a pilgrimage for the snake worshippers but also a very beautiful place to visit.

Nehru Trophy snake boat race :
Nehru Trophy snake boat race is the boat race which is performed on a 50 m long wooden snake like boat which is manned by about hundred oarsmen. This snake boat race is held on every second Saturday of month August, annually and such is enthusiasm of the spectators that you can see nowhere else. Even once out of excitement, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru jumped into the winner Boat and since then it is known as Nehru Trophy snake boat race.

Alleppey beach :
Alleppey beach is a very old beach and yet the popularity is ever increasing. Alleppey beach is about 137 years old and yet it attracts people like a magnet. The Arabian Sea with pristine water at one end and shining sands particle spread to miles on other side make the place even more attractive. Families come here for picnic and youngster for swimming.

Cities Near by Alleppey :
Kochi- 51 Km
Trivendrum- 130 Km