Bodhgaya Tour - The Holy Place for Buddhism Pilgrimage

Climate Of Bodhgaya :
Summer : 45 C (Max) - 27 C (Min)
Winter: 28 C (Max) - 4 C (Min)
Rainy Season: January to October, 214 centimeters
Best time to visit : February to October

Bodhgaya Tourist Attractions :
Mahabodhi temple, Thai Monastery, Namgyal Monastery, Great Budha Statue.

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Location Of Bodhgaya :
Geographic - A place where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment Bodhgaya is located at the Gaya district of Bihar.
Famous For - As a Buddhist pilgrimage Bodhgaya is very famous all over the world. There are monasteries, temples and meditation all around the place to attain solace.

How to Reach Bodhgaya :
By Air : The nearest air connectivity is through Kolkata.
By Road : Patna, 2 hour, Varanasi, 4 hours, Kolkata, 7 hours.
By Railways : Nearest train connectivity is through Patna or Kolkata.

Bodhgaya Tourist Attractions :
Bodhgaya is the place where 26 centuries ago Prince Gautama experienced enlightenment under a Bodhi tree and became Buddha. The place is still celebrated with a temple and marked with the descendants of the original Bodhi tree remains. Bodhgaya is a place where disciples of Buddhism comes in large number and adds to the beauty of this place by setting monasteries, meditation centers, temples and so on. And in the surrounding area have farmlands and rural villages with good accommodations for tourist and travellers and also stalls selling souvenirs. The authenticity and beauty of this place is known by the fact that Dalai Lama mostly spends December and January here. The Gaya tourist places to visit are:

Mahabodhi Temple :
Bodhgaya tourist attractions is listed in the World Heritage Site List Mahabodhi temple is build where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. Mahabodhi temple was built in 6th century AD on the top of the temple erected by Emperor Asoka 800 years earlier. The history of this Gaya tourist places is very interesting with lots of ups and downs like the damages caused by 11th century Muslim invaders and incidences related to the original Bodhi tree.

Currently, the temple premises have networks of paths, gardens, votive stupas, shrines and Meditation Park. Towards the south of the temple there is Muchalinda Lake. It is a lotus pond which is surrounded by prayer flags and a cobra statue at the center of the lake. Snake also has its own significance here. People, irrespective of their religion and faith come to this place to find peace within.

Monasteries :
There are monasteries all around the place. People from all over the world come and take out time to realize the almighty. The beautiful Indosan Nipponji Temple which is Japanese Temple is simply serene and also daily an hour of Zen meditation is organized here. The Thai Monastery is also an architectural beauty. All the monasteries have the unique flavor and design of their homeland. Manicured garden, bright colors and shimmering gold leaves makes this place best for relaxation. The Tibetan Namgyal Monastery , Chinese Monastery, Burmese Monastery, Bhutanese Monastery, Vietnamese Monastery, Nepali Monastery, Tamang Monastery, Diajokyo Monastery is also very famous and worth a visit. All in all, this place is a heaven for those who are looking for answers and inner peace.

Cities Near by Bodhgaya :
Kolkata (488 km)
Patna (110 km)
Aurangabad (83 km)