Cochin: The Gateway to Kerala, God's Own Country

Climate Of Cochin
Summer : 35 C (Max) - 28 C (Min)
Winter : 25 C (Max) - 20 C (Min)
Rainy Season : June to December, 3,228.3 mm
Best time to visit : October to March

Cochin Tourist Attractions :
In the Cochin city guide, Fort Cochin, St Francis Church, Mattancherry Palace, Pardesi Synagogue and Jew Town, Art Galleries are main cochin tourist attractions.

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Location Of Cochin :
Geographic - Located at the southwest coast of India this place consists of several small islands and a portion of mainland. The town of Cochin is blessed with beautiful backwaters that make this place unique.
Famous As - With a very colorful colonial past and its everlasting memories Cochin is known for its scenic beauty and very different cosmopolitan feel.

How to Reach Cochin :
By Air : There is a modern international airport in Cochin connected with all major cities in India and with some international destinations.
By Road : Well-connected with metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore.
By Railways : There are three railway stations in Cochin which are Ernakulum Junction (main station), Ernakulum Town and Cochin Harbor Terminus and many train starts from here and it is destination of many trains.

Cochin Tourist Attractions :
Cochin has been attracting people from all over the world from a very long time. If you look around the place you will find a mixture of various multi-cultural things all around the place. The colonial past has left its mark prominently all around this place. The beauty of Malabar Coast has been enhanced by giant fishing nets influenced by the Chinese merchants, ancient mosques, 16th century synagogue, Portuguese houses constructed long ago, and crumbling residuum of British raj. Thus, Cochin is a cocktail of medieval Portuguese, Holland and English culture, architectures and feel. Besides there are old forts and Art galleries which makes this place perfect tourist destination of the Cochin Tourist Places. Blessed with natural beauty Cochin town consist of small islands and mainland Ernakulum which is an urban place with cosmopolitan surrounding. In short, this place has lots of spots to visit and see. Some of the most attractive Cochin tourist attractions spots are mentioned here.

Fort Cochin :
Beauty and heritage all around at fort Cochin best for example backwaters and the huge fishing nets of the Chinese traders which can still be used but due to introduction of modern techniques they are less used now.

St Francis Church :
St Francis Church is considered to be India's oldest European build church. St Francis Church was constructed in 1503 and was re-constructed in mid-16th century. There is also Vasco Da Gama's tombstone in St Francis Church. He died here in 1524 and was buried here.

Mattancherry Palace :
The most beautiful thing about this Mattancherry palace is that it was built by Portuguese and was gifted to Raja of Cochin, Veera Kerala Varma. Later on the Dutch renovated it and renamed it as Dutch Palace. The reason behind the attraction of Mattancherry palace is that there are Hindu Murals depicting scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other Puranic legends made with great detailing.

Art Galleries :
There are various art galleries spread around to encourage the local contemporary artists.

Cities Near by Cochin :
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