Dalhousie - Gateway to serene beauty

Climate Of Dalhousie :
Summer - 12 o C (min) to 25 o C (max)
Winter - 2 o C (max) to -10 o C (min)
Rainy Season - June to September (rainfall 1430 mm annual)
Best Time to Visit - March to October

Dalhousie Tourist Attractions :
Kalatope, Towering snow peaks, trekking and hiking trails, churches, Lord James Ramsay, Khijjar, Marquis of Dalhousie .

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Location Of Dalhousie :
Geographic - Dalhousie is a town situated in north-west Himachal Pradesh at the height of 6600 ft.
Famous For - Dalhousie is a calm and serene Dalhousie hill station is famous as the best honeymoon destination.

How to Reach Dalhousie :
By Air - Jammu airport is 188 KM, Kangra airport is the nearest one , 140 Km away from place
By Road - Network bus services are available for almost every major city
By Railways - Pathankot railway station is the nearest railway station which is about 80 KM and is well connected to major cities

Dalhousie Tourist Attractions :
Dalhousie is surrounded by Alpine vegetation and high peaks that gives a breathtaking view to the visitor. It is a small and quiet town but colonial era buildings give a sense of important historical background of this place. Mostly the young couple prefers Dalhousie for their honeymoon destination and there is some reason for it. This place is always filled with romance in the air; the temperature is just perfect for you if you come here between March and October. The scenic beauty of the place is in its peak at the time. Family also prefer visit the place in the summer vacation to enjoy the beautiful architecture and the beautiful and comfortable weather here. There are various spot which you can explore here in Dalhousie tourist places, and some of them are as following -

Khijjar :
This place is one of the most liked place in Dalhousie by visitors. This is a meadow which resemble like saucer and is surrounded by lines of pine trees. This little plain of Khijjar has a lake with pristine water in the middle of it and that make the the view even more panoramic.

Lakkarmandi :
Lakkarmandi is situated 10 Km from GPO square and 5 Km from Dalhousie. This place enchants the visitors with its pristine view and greenery. Nestles in the lap of high Dayal Kund Peak and Kalatope, it is a home for Dogri family. Panoramic view and serene surrounding make the experience of visitors to stay all their life long.

Subhash Baoli :
It is a beautiful little lake when you go down the side hill of Dalhousie. 1.6 Km away from GPO this give a perfect experience of calm and serene stay with the backdrop of pine tree range and green mountains. One can never forget the experience gere and that is why honeymoon couple loves this place most.

Satdhara :
Satdhara has got the name because of the seven springs it has which are also considered to have great therapeutically value. This place comes, on the way from Dalhousi, to Panjpulla.

Cities Near by Dalhousie :
Dramshala- 92 Km
Pathankot- 80 km
Kangra- 140 Km