Khajuraho - Life carved in stone

Climate Of Khajuraho :
Summer - 47o C (max) to 21 o C (min)
Winter - 32 o C (max) to 4o C (min)
Rainy Season - June to October (rainfall 1120 mm annual)
Best Time to Visit - September to march

Main Khajuraho Tourist Attractions :
World heritage site of Khajuraho Temples , Hindu and Jain temples and Dance festival.

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Location Of Khajuraho :
Geographic - Khajurahois located near Sanchi, in Chatterpur district, northern Madhya Pradesh and is surrounded by mountains. It has an average elevation of 283 meters.
Famous For - Erotic sculptures

How to Reach :
By Air - Khajuraho Airport
By Road -596 Km from Delhi, NH2 to Agra, NH3 to Gwalior
By Railways - Nearest rail head is Jhansi ( 175 Km or 3 and half an hour)

Khajuraho Tourist Attractions :
The name Khajuraho has been derived by the Sanskrit word which is another name for palm date, the Khajur. Khajuraho temples is a group of monuments that has been listed in the world heritage site by UNESCO. Khajuraho is considered to be the one of the seven wonders of India and is has gain so much popularity worldwide that today this is the second most visited place in India after Taj Mahal. Khajuraho temples is made of sandstone and the magnificent sculptures carved on it look realistic. There were 80 Khajuraho temples in the group when it was built earlier but today only 25 of them are in good condition.

Khajuraho temples are grouped into three geographical divisions, which give the superb example of indo Aryan architecture. The stonework on the wall shows the artistic carving of Gods, Goddesses, warriors, and musicians, real and mythological animals. Some of these Khajuraho temples are as follows -

Varaha :
This one is dedicated to the God Vishnu and shows the various forms of Vishnu in their boar incarnation. It took 20 years to built and have 1.5 m high boar statue inside. Showing the rich Indian architecture this temple is a perfect showcase of Indian mythology and artwork at the same time.

Kandariya Mahadev :
This Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and built between 1025 and 1050 this temple is 30.5 m long and shows the high point of Chandelan architecture. This temple has 873 acrobatic statues in it which are nearly 1 m taller and also a 31 m high phallic Shiva symbol or Shiva lignum which is worshipped by Hindus.

Citragupta :
This temple is unique in its kind and is dedicated to Lord Sun. This temple has a statue of Surya who is driving a chariot of seven horses and at the same time it also have 11 faced statue of Vishnu, the 10th incarnation from the 22.

Parvati Temple :
Parvati Temple is actually dedicated to lord Vishnu and have a image of Parvati riding iguana.

Apart from the temples and the architecture this temple is known for the erotic sculptures which glorify the Indian sexual health at the old time The statue is so realistic and even today it is a subject of study by various experts from different field and philosophers from university across the world.

Cities Near Khajuraho :
Panna - 40 Km