Mysore - The city of palaces

Climate Of Mysore :
Summer - 35o C (max) to 30o C(min)
Winter - 12 o C (min) to 30 o C (max)
Rainy Season - July to November (798.2 mm)
Best Time to Visit - October to March

Mysore Tourist Attractions :
In Mysore city guide, Mysore palace, Bridavan garden, Chamundi hills, GRS fantasy park, St. Philomena's church, Ranganathittu bird centaury, Mysore Zoo, various lakes.

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Location Of Mysore :
Geographic - Located at the base of Chamundi hills, in southern region of state of Karnataka and spread across an area of 128.42 Km.
Famous For - Mysore is famous cultivation for sandalwood, silk saris and fabrics, Tanjori style traditional paintings and festivals and fairs that takes place in Dashara.

How to Reach Mysore :
By Air - Bangalore airport ( 140 Km)
By Road - Well connected road and highway network and bus services
By Railways - Well connected railway station within the city

Mysore Tourist Attractions :
Situated between rivers Kaveri and Kabini Mysore is full of panoramic views and a good number of beautiful lakes do the remaining brush stroke to complete this scenery. This heritage city is the largest city in the state of Karnataka, is famous for its sandal wood products and silk fabrics. According to Hindu mythology, Devi Chamunda killed demon Mahishasura here a hence the name is Mysore.for the same reason the Dashahara festival which is also known as Mahanavami here is celebrated with great enthusiasm and tourist across from world come to witness the festival. There are many must see Mysore tourist places and some of them are as following -

Mysore Tourist Places :
Mysore, which is known as city of the Palaces has a large number of historical palaces. And among these Mysore tourist palaces the Mysore palace is considered as a landmark of the city. Mysore palace is a beautiful building with three storied stone building made of fine gray granite and which have deep pink marble doom to add the grace. Garden laid around the Mysore palace, curved arches, canopies, altogether makes the experience marvelous.

Mysore Zoo :
Also known as Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden, this zoo is the most popular and the oldest zoo in southern India. Establish in 1892, Mysore Zoo is a special attraction for children as it is a home for wide range of wild species which you can otherwise see only in your books.

Ranganathittu Bird centaury is another favorite spot for the people who are more interested in wild birds which you can see nowhere except this centaury which is situated at the bank of Kaveri river.

GRS fantasy Park :
High tech action packed this amusement cum Water Park in Mysore is a 12 months tourist destination for people from all walks of life. Laser technology, ice covered sledging slops, amazing games, wave pools, artificial beaches, multipurpose play system and lot more. This fantasy park has given a new meaning of entertainment to people who visit Mysore.

Chamundi Hills :
The name Mysore is derived from the name of Demon Mahisasura which was killed by Devi Chamunda. And from ages Mysore is made a shrine by Maharajas here to show Deep reverence for deity Chamundeshweri. Chamunda hills also give you a panoramic view of the city.

Cities Near Mysore :