Pune - The Deccan Queen

Climate Of Pune :
Summer : 38 C (Max) - 30 C (Min)
Winter : 28 C (Max) - 10 C (Min)
Rainy Season : June to September, 722 millimeters
Best time to visit : October to May

Pune Tourist Attractions :
Osho Meditation Resort, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Katraj Snake Park and Zoo, Pune Temples are the prime tourist places in Pune.

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Location Of Pune :
Geographic - Situated 560 meters above sea level on the Deccan Plateau Pune is the largest city in the Western Ghats in India.
Famous As - The town has a long history and currently it is developing rapidly as an urban hub of activities.

How to Reach Pune :
By Air : The nearest airport is the Pune Airport located 10 km away from the central Pune.
By Road : Mumbai, 3 hour, Goa, 7 hours.
By Railways : Pune has an important railway junction in Indian railways that connects it to major railways junctions in India.

Pune Tourist Attractions :
Pune is rapidly developing into an urban cosmopolitan city with good places to shop around, night life, enjoyment and relaxation. It seems without a doubt that old India and new India is interweaving here in Pune. There are academic centers as well as historical sites because of its glorious past and also Osho meditation resort which is world famous. If fact, it is the prime tourist attraction for the foreign visitors. An alternative monsoon capital of the British raj Pune is still famous for the Maratha warriors who walked, lived and ruled in Pune. Even though pollution and bad traffic is a part of this city but definitely it is in a transitional phrase and these are nothing but side effects of it which will go away with time. The Pune tourist attractions are -

Osho Meditation Resort :
Osho Meditation Resort is located at the Northern Suburb of Pune Bhagwan Rajneesh's Osho Ashram draws huge visitors every year. Many westerns come here and stay for very long period. The facilities of the Osho meditation resort are simply superb. There is swimming pool, sauna, a massage and beauty parlor, Zen tennis court, basketball court, a bookshop and a boutique guesthouse. The Osho Auditorium is for white robe spiritual dance. There is the Osho Samadhi where his ashes are kept is also open for silent or music accompanied meditation. Perhaps no other ashram has the kind of facility and systematic way of operation anywhere in India.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum :
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is a delight to visit this unique museum that has the best of collection of Sri Dinkar Gangadhar. There are almost 17,000 artworks and collection here on display. Things like a suit of armour made of fish scales and crocodile skin, hundreds of hookah pipes and betel nut cutters are hard to find anywhere else.

Katraj Snake Park and Zoo :
Home of tigers, leopards, bears, monkeys and reptiles this zoo is located at the outskirts of the city and Katraj Snake Park has very natural looking enclosure.

Pataleshvara Cave Temple :
Pataleshvara Cave Temple is a small unfinished rock cut temple made in 8th century. Pataleshvara Cave Temple is an active temple visited regularly by the devotees. The Jangali Maharaj mandir is adjacent to it.

Cities near by Pune :
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Khandala (60 km)
Lonavala ( 65 km)