Varanasi- City of the temples

Climate Of Varanasi :
Summer - 32o C (min) to 46 o C (max)
Winter - 20o C (max) to 8o C (min)
Rainy Season - June to August (rainfall 0 mm annual )
Best Time to Visit - months of October and April

Varanasi Tourist Attractions :
Sarnath temple, Kashi Visvanath temple, Ghaats( Tulsi Ghaat, Dashswmedg ghaat, Assi ghat, Harishchandra ghaat), Birla temple, Durga Kund, Ravidas garden.

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Location Of Varanasi :
Geographic - Varanasi is situated on the bank of the river Ganges,in middle of Ganges valley in UP. The city is covers an area of 112.26 Km2. Famous For - Banaras saris, Banaras paan (betel), River Ganges, BHU, birth place of Rani Laxmibai, Milk products.

How to Reach Varanasi :
By Air - Babatpur Airport , 23 Km or half an hour
By Road - NH2 links Varanasi to Delhi , 13 hours
By Railways - Varanasi Cant and Mugal Sarai Railway station

Varanasi Tourist Attractions :
Varanasi is the oldest city of the world, which is 3000 years old and is famous for Varanasi temples . This aged Kashi is a city of Pundits and there Ghats. The culture and religion of Varanasi is closely associated with the river Ganges for several thousand years. This is the place that let you feel the exact experience when you can sense your moment of Nirvana. Apart from the holistic approach of the place that attracts the people from around the country like a strong magnet, there are few more thing that has given this place a big dot in world map. The Banaras Sarris are world famous for their heavy work on it , Banaras paan is even mentioned in some popular Bollywood songs and what to say about milk products like " Kashi ka Ladoo" and Rabri .

Varanasi Temples attracts large number of pilgrimage from people around the world which visit this place throughout the year to do "Kashi ka Ganga Snan" . This place which is a home of about 200 temples have some most popular famous temples in Varanasi and Varanasi Ghaats which are as follows in Varanasi city guide as

Kashi Visvanath Temple :
Kashi Visvanath Temple is the temple which is dedicated to lord Shiva and considered the holiest spot of the city. It is believed that Kashi Visvanath gives you "tarak mantra" for Moksha which is the ultimate path after the life. The original Kashi Visvanath temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb to built a mosque in the place and the present Temple is than build by Rani Ahilya bai from Indore.

Sarnath Temple :
After enlightens by knowledge in Gaya, Buddha came to Sarnath and delivered his first sermon and hence followers of Buddha consider this place a sacred place. The Emperor Asoka who was in the mission to spread the Buddha's message of love and compassion erected the Stupa here in Varanasi. Buddhist from worldwide visits Sarnath temple as a pilgrim.

Varanasi Ghaats :
Dasaswamedh Ghat is considered to be the one of the most old and important ghaat here. Name is derived from Dash Ashva Megh, means the sacrifice of ten horse , which was done by lord Brahma to allow Lord Shiva to return from his banishment, according to Hindi mythology. Apart from this Ghat there are Assi ghat, Harish Chandra Ghaat, Manikarnika ghat and Tulsi ghaat which are of not less importance than this one.

Cities Near by Varanasi :
Rampur- 45 Km
Gaya- 214 Km
Lucknow- 268 Km