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Client Name: Ms. Madhavi Gaikwad & Family
Nationality: Indian

My family and I enjoyed a lot through my tour. Your organizations have given the best as more we expected. We would like to surely go through other places from your organization. The arrangement made by you for the transport and driver was really a mind-blowing experience. About driver Mr. Jony, he was really supportive & like a friend of us, rather than a driver use to provide information about everything before asking. All the sight seeing and tour was covered perfectly as per mentioned, they were really up to our mark and enjoyed a lot while travelling from one place to another. About the driver and transportation was fantastic. First, the driver and car arranged, the way they greeted us on the 1st day up to the end all the information provided before the tour begin, all assistance in emergency. I would suggest all my rest of my family members and friends who would come her for their tour.

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Client Name: Mr. Kai Hanning & Family
Nationality: German

It is my second time to travel with Indian Panorama and I will recommended it at home and use it for my next trip also. In tour, we like the most like Toy train, Houseboat, Wildlife, all the friendly Indian peoples, especially our driver. Mr. Ashokan is an excellent driver and very good guide. He is very friendly and helpful; our car was also very good. All the sight seeing and the tour coverage is very good, a special thanks to Mr. Prince.

Client Name: Mr. Alain Charon & Family
Nationality: France

I recommended Indian Panorama’s service in one-year five groups of French tourists. Excellent feelings about the driver and the transport services. All the sight seeing and tour coverage’s, are excellent. Your service was apart from our expectations. Next time! Next trip! Next year!!

Client Name: Mornas
Nationality: France

I feel your driver and transport was marvelous. We are more satisfied with the sightseeing, guide and tour coverage. The services are better than our thought. We prefer most of the tea plantation and everything else. We recommended Indian Panorama’s services to my family and friends, because we thought very well.

Client Name: Aukit & Nisha Shah
Nationality: Canada

This is my second time with Indian Panorama’s service. The sightseeing, guide and tour coverage are well organized. Your services are beyond our expectations. In this trip we like Lake Resort is very well. I feel about the driver, he is very kind and friendly and on time, and excellent driver Mr. Biju and transport service.

Client Name: Mr. Gawel
Nationality: France

Absolutely we recommended Indian Panorama. It was the second time in two year already. In this trip we like the most is the tree house, the houseboats, to see the people life and Fort Cochin for his quiet lace on nice tour. The comfortable Tempo Traveler and good drive Mr. Anthony. Too short on the houseboat, I think at least two nights minimum to take a real rest.

Client Name: Margaret Hill
Nationality: Australia

I am looking forward to seeing you again, also! With lot of thanks. I have had my program organized for use by Indian Panorama, X 05 Pax in past 10 years.
Every time, the service, driver, transport & accommodation, your company have provided has been of excellent value. I appreciated you much your attention to detail your reliability and your co-operation when changes have been necessary.

Client Name: Mr. Govind Viknes Varman & Party
Nationality: Malaysia

We already recommended to my friends and relatives about Indian Panorama service. In this trip, we most like the temple visits. Thanks to Mr. Moorthy for arrange all our needs. We manage to see all the planned temples. The driver was very helpful and able to communicate to us freely, transport services were very good.             

Client Name: Imogen Barker
Nationality: United Kingdom.

Without hesitation, your local knowledge and attention to detail made our experience so special. The variety of experiences some highlights were seeing a leopard at Bandipur, the boat trip with Antony at Mavia Heritage, and the driver Mr. Thiru’s  patience with our shopping. I feel about your driver and transport services are outstanding, and exceeded our expectations. The sight seeing and tour coverage are exactly what we wanted. Your services are exceeded our expectations.

Client Name: Dominique Hovart
Nationality: France

This is our second trip with Indian Panorama and your service did meet our expectations, in quality of service and timely. The place visited most interesting on site else on tours and very good guide in Hampi.  We like most, our stay at Badami. I feel about the driver was excellent and safe. Most helpful in our discovery of our travel. Very good and clean vehicle and all together fantastic services.

Client Name: Jagathesen Muniandy & Family
Nationality: Malaysia

We are satisfied and had a great holiday. We will introduce to every one about Indian Panorama. In this trip, we most like the houseboat, it is a nice experience. All the sightseeing and tour coverage was wonderful & great; we enjoyed in this tour a lot. The transport services was good very comfortable and driver was very friendly. We are fully satisfied with your services.

Client Name: Sandra Palasin
Nationality: Australia

I will strongly recommend they use Indian Panorama with up most confidence. We enjoyed every aspect was taken care of us and we had absolutely nothing to wrong about while with your company. Your service was better than our expectations. The sight seeing are excellent very informative, and knowledgeable and the history of India, very polite & courteous. The driver was excellent, very polite, and courteous & your services are a quality. Thanks you to all the high quality staffs that made our Indian holiday so memorable. It is a quality tour of India.

Client Name: Dr. Helmut Angelberger
Nationality: Australia

Next holidays in India, we would again book with Indian Panorama. The service was more than our expectations. All the sight seeing very interesting and good tour. All the tour guides have been speaking good English and very knowledgeable. Madurai was a highlight and the Rock fort temple in Trichy. Our driver was driving very careful and safe, he spoke very good English was very polite. Therefore, we have been more than satisfied with our driver.

  Client Name: Emmanuella Sourdin
Nationality: France

Totally, we will recommend Indian Panorama. It was our choice after our tour in Karnataka, to use your services for any new tour in South India. We appreciate the whole tour. Mr. Kumar is the very good driver and we have appreciated very much his work during our tour in Tamil Nadu. He is always in time and we have glad about his way to drive and his kindness. Your services matches totally our expectations, confirmed our choices.

Client Name: Rajalakshmi & Family
Nationality: Malaysia

Been using Indian Panorama for the past three years and I have been recommending Indian Panorama to our friends and my relatives. We came on a very short trip that served on purpose and therefore we did not expect tour coverage and sight seeing experiences. This service matches our expectations lot and lot. We were extremely happy with the driver Mr. Bharat who was of immense help to us during our tour.

Client Name: Mr. Ashish Patel
Nationality: India

I have already referred to one of my friend. In fact I came to know about Indian Panorama from my close friend. Overall the sight seeing and tour coverage was a food experience, the tour could have included one day jungle jeep safari in Thekkady. Your service matches more than our expectations.  We most like the accommodations, our driver Mr. Prince. He was very polite, friendly and co-operative. He knew the places quite well and provided us useful guidance. Car was also very neat.

Client Name: Mr. Sachin Raj
Nationality: Malaysia

This is the third time with my family with Indian Panorama; keep it up for the good service. The driver and the transport are more our expectations and the driver was very patient and very friendly. We did not expect, really sight seeing came for a special one. Your servicer matches more than we are satisfied.

Client Name: Brunu Beltvean
Nationality: Canada

Excellent service, highly without restrictions! The follow-up was greeted.  For people visiting India for the first time get good experience. We like the most temples and tea plantations. The Knowledge of the driver Mr. Murukesh. The service matches 6 stars out of 5! It is more than our expectations. When we arrive, the welcome was great and the car was more luxury than our expectation. Excellent, very careful the driver co operated more than we want. A lot of information’s on any subjects of India, highly recommended from him.

Client Name: Mr. Saravanan
Nationality: Indian

Client Name: Mr. Gordon Wearmouth & Denise Mary
Nationality: British

Indian Panorama services match with our expectations, we were initially nervous dealing with any overseas organization, especially for the first time. However our confidence in you is 100%. We felt safe throughout the journey which is very important. Driver Mr. Sammy provided us with a good balance each day especially seeing rural life. The provision of the wheelchair was much appreciated, especially in Pondicherry. There is a lot to see in south India and each day was very full, we much preferred to spend the time to seeing the local village life, and the Temples; thankfully we did not spend a lot of time in towns or shops, overall a good balance. Absolutely we would recommend Indian Panorama’s services to our family & friends and please use us as a reference to potential UK Clients. Thank to Indian Panorama and Driver Mr. Sammy.

Client Name: Mr. Thiagarajan Nadarajan
Nationality: Malaysia

Definitely we will recommend Indian Panorama’s services to our family & friends and we will come back again. The driver was very excellent, met our needs, and keep up the good work. Sight seeing and tour coverage was very knowledgeable and the driver was very prompt in his coverage, Indian Panorama services match with our expectation and even beyond it. The driver laid out good schedule for us to visit Balaji, It was good.

Client Name: Mr.&Mrs. Geoffery Blake
Nationality: UK

Certainly we would recommend Indian Panorama’s services to our family & friends. Indian Panorama’s service was match with our expectation and far beyond. Sight seeing and tour coverage was excellent. Driver and transport services everything was completely satisfactory.

Client Name: Mr. Clemence Mollard
Nationality: France

We appreciated driver Mr. George and his professionalism, his knowledge, and his very good temper. Without any problem, we will recommend Indian Panorama’s services to friends coming in November.

Client Name: Degane Annick
Nationality: France

We would recommend Indian Panorama’s service to our family & friends. It’s my second travel to India with Indian Panorama. We are like all the tour & very happy by this. Indian Panorama services were match with our expectation. Driver Kumar is an excellent and careful driver and more he is very patient and kind with all people.

Client Name: Andrew Tate
Nationality: British

Again and again, we very much hope to visit again with your help and definitely we would recommend Indian Panorama’s services to our family & friends. Indian Panorama’s services were match with our expectation, Tour executive Mr. Sanjay’s welcome at Airport particularly nice –big smile, very reassuring and helpful, can’t fault Indian Panorama’s service. We felt very lucky to have the continuity of the same excellent driver Mr. Akash during this time. He is simply superb!! Best driver we had on whole trip. He gave us his card-only driver to do so. A special mention must go to Mr. Sanjay and his senior associate at the Delhi office (apologies we don’t have his name). They between them kindly arranged an appointment at the hospital to treat my husbands’ Eye infection. They went beyond the call of duty and it is very much appreciated.

Client Name: Mr. Nicolas Quentin & Ms. Bourguignon Christelle
Nationality: France
One word about the driver excellent, Top advisor to discover “Incredible India”- always friendly and taking care of us. Great sightseeing and special awards to our French guide in Pondicherry Mr. Boniface. Indian Panorama’s services match with our expectations from Mr. Moorthy our favorite Tour Planner to our driver Mr. Sakthi- everything was great!! We really appreciate to discover country side with local markets and as always friendliness of Indian People. We would recommend Indian Panorama’s services and already done after our first trip last year. Thank you as much for all you do.

Client Name: Graeme and Isabel Solomon
Nationality: Australia

This is a note to let you know that I have completed the Indian Panorama tour run by Tim Hawley and would like to thank everyone for the efficiency of the tour and the company of my colleagues on this trip.

I have recommended this type of tour to a number of people who may be going to India and I am particularly happy that my wife Bella and I were able to make the trip and enjoyed it immensely.

Client Name: Susan & Partyy
Country: New Zealand

Thanks very much for your email, as mentioned earlier your drivers made all the difference in taking such a good care & their responsibility.

Though we only spent two days in Chennai, the driver Raju was one to be rewarded for his total commitment and patience for spending his two full days with us.
What ever we requested - without any hesitation he was happy to take us around or do.

So therefore Raju needs to be rewarded for his excellent professionalism and understanding (ie: what a customer service is all about).

Not forgetting the other two drivers:

In Delhi - Narendra, he also knows his area well and covered as much in a day as we could do.
Also very polite and pleasant made our 5 days very go so fast and certainly with some good memory on our journey from Delhi to Jaipur

Finally not forgetting Driver Krishna from Bangalore to Cochi. He also did an exceptional job, covering his territory with tight time frame.
We were very happy to complete out 8 hours drive from Mysore to Ooaty, this was a long day but Krishna ensure to do short stops on the way to make us feel Refreshed and relaxed.

We had an excellent trip to India, this happened due excellent performance from these drivers.
If we do decide to visit India in next few years, certainly contact Indian Panorama to arrange for drivers like these.

We wish the team at Indian Panorama all the best and success for future.

Client Name: Sabine and Hans
Nationality: Germany

we are back now over two weeks and I really want to thank you for a wonderful time and the wonderful trip - did you put it together??? However, whoever did the complete organization for this trip - it has been wonderful in details, varieties and perfect organization. We had a great time and we enjoyed it just so much.

One point I would like to mention. The drive from Jaipur to Agra was very long and boring. I think if we had known we would have said, put another day into it and let us make a stop in Pushkar to break the day a bit. That’s the only thing I would change, apart from that - the hotels were great, especially the Havelis. The one in Bikaner was great from outside, inside - well not so much. We had some food in a Haveli rooftop restaurant in Bikaner - that looked nicer to me, even though we did not see any rooms. The hotels in Agra and Delhi were obviously "town hotels", but ok.

Anyhow, the whole trip was just great!!!! We will definitely recommend your company to any friends who want to go that way or even to other parts in India.