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Travel FAQ's

Q. How is bestholidayindia different from a typical Indian tour operator?
A. All tourism companies are good in their own way. But we stand out for our extraordinary customer service and budget friendly tour packages.

Q. How do I plan my trip with you?
A. Note down your requirements to travel India and reach us through our online website under the tour option of the portal. Leave us an enquiry or call us in the given contact number. After the submission of enquiry form, our operators will call you for further details and confirmation.

Q. Who will receive us after landing in India?
A. After reaching India through any mode, our executives will receive you. You can identify them with the placards of your name. From then, we will manage your transport, accommodation, requirements and try to accomplish everything about your tour package, in the best possible way till your departure from our country.

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Q. What are the modes of travel do you use?
A. We manage your travel through several ways in across the country. We use a variety of travel modes that suites you well. Few of them are listed below:

1. Private Car with Driver
The well suited way to explore the India is by road- You can cherish the charisma of the country via road that enables you to stop, start and interact with local people of the city or town with ease. As per your interest we will arrange a private car with tourist driver. He will be a person who knows the Indian road's condition, every signpost and traditional festivals, funerals, customs and other necessary information as well. The tourist driver drives the car at an average speed around 40 Kilometers an hour and not more than 6 hours driving in a day. Our car drivers will give you the information about while travelling by road. Carry mobile phones and make a quick communication with our official staff for any urgent enquiry related with tourism or else.

2. Plane
It is convenient to cover miles of distance through plane in few hours at reasonable charges.

3. Train
The Indian trains are the popular travelling options across the country. Train journey brings you lots of fun and joy by the views of high mountains, lacks, rural areas, villages etc., through the train's window or doors while it runs on the tracks.

4. Auto Rickshaw
The Auto Rickshaw is another convenient resource to cover short distances through Auto Rickshaw which are frequently available in every city or town of the country. It gives you incredible fun to explore every street, park, shop, road, etc.,

Q . Do I need a visa to enter India?
A. Every tourist must have a valid VISA card before arrival in the India. The standard VISA is valid for 6 months from its time of issue and is valuable to have multiple trips in the country. Valid VISA can be issued by all Indian embassies and consulates and its process may take up to 2 weeks.

Q. What immunization do I need before visiting in India?
A. Yes, it is recommended to take vaccination of Hepatitis A/B and Tetanus to prevent from viral diseases. Do not take malaria medication but however mosquitoes are still widespread in the country.

Q. What is the Climate like and which is the best time to visit?
A. India has diverse range of climate conditions from tropical in the South to the alpine in the North. Chill climate places in India like Himalayas, Shimla, Ooty, Kullu Manli etc., should be visited between October and March. During these months, days are warm, nights are cool and probability of rain fall is very rare. The humidity level may rise from April onwards and temperature will also be raised. The probability of monsoon starts in June. Few areas of India are suitable to be visited any time in the whole year.

Q. Is all Indian food very spicy?
A. Food is the specialty of India. The taste of food keeps changing from city to city. It is spicy in some places and less spicy in other place. Our executives will take you to the hotels as per your wish. Delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian food and Chinese or Continental food are also available in Indian restaurants.

Q. What extra cost will I incur while I am in India?
A. Tips to the room boy, the person who carries your luggage, vehicle's driver of 10-20 rupees are common extra costs. In some hotels, they demand 10% of the bill. However, you need to carry enough amount in your pocket to bear such little expenses after availing the desired services.

Q. Will I get Sick?
A. We can't assure you that you will stay healthy while travelling in India's diverse state or cities as it depends on your body to adjust to the climate change and the taste of new food. We recommend you to eat fresh food and drink mineral water while traveling in India's rural areas or other backward towns of the country.

Q. What about my Personal Security?
A. Don't worry about your security. India is a safe land for the global tourists. But be conscious about your passport, tickets, luggage and other assets while travelling in the crowded places of the country. Always carry the multiple photo copies of your valid passport, tickets or other legal documents while touring to India. The security staff of the visiting place may check your tickets or passport at anytime and anywhere for clarification. Your bags should be tightened well and never forget to lock them after opening. Otherwise few culprits or thieves may steel your accessories by making you fool or getting a friendship with you while travelling in the train or bus. Do not expose your pocket with rupees (100 Rs, 500 Rs and 1000 Rs) to the rickshaw person, baggers and other lower category people. Always, carry a few rupee notes in your pocket and show only that much amount to give to the auto rickshaw person, baggers or anyone else.